A large range of Australian made stencils to help create bespoke painted furniture, faux stencilled tile floors, stencilled fabric and walls. Let your imagination run free and create unique finishes. Choose from French signs, vintage style, tiles, mandalas, borders and even shaped stencils.

Gemini Creative stencils are laser cut 10 mil Mylar®.
I find 10mil thickness as it is a good all-round thickness, suitable for both paint and plaster projects. I also have stock of 7.5mil if you prefer a thinner stencil.

Stencil Usage Rights

– Stencils can be used on commercial projects.
– Stencils can be used for classes.
– Stencils cannot be hired out.
– All stencils are copyright and cannot be copied or duplicated in any way.

Stencil Information

What is Mylar®?

– Mylar® is a registered trademarked product by Dupont Tejin Films.
– Mylar® is PET and its generic name is polyester film.
– Melinex® and Hostaphan® are two other trademarked names of the same polyester film, by different companies.
Therefore if you see stencils listed as polyester film, Mylar®, Melinex® or Hostaphan® it is the same material.

Reasons why polyester film (Mylar®) is a good choice for stencils

– high tensile strength, making it strong and therefore thin bridging pieces are less likely to break.
– translucent making it easy to align repeat patterns as you can see the previously painted area.
– smooth surface, so the stencils are easy to clean.
– tolerates very high temperatures, so your stencils will not melt if washed in very hot water.

Stencil thickness conversions

Stencils on different sites are listed in different units of measurement, listed here are the conversions.
– 14mil = 14 one thousands of an inch = 0.355mm = 355um (micron)
– 10mil = 10 one thousands of an inch = 0.25mm = 250um (micron)
– 7.5mil = 7.5 one thousands of an inch = 0.19mm = 190um (micron)
– 5mil = 5 one thousands of an inch =0.127mm = 127um (micron)

Storing Stencils

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Cleaning Stencils

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