FAQ’s for the Affiliate Program

Do you use Gemini Creative stencils and would you like to earn a bit extra when you promote stencils?
If you answered yes, join the affiliate program and get paid for promoting products.
Simply send a customer to the webstore with a custom link and you will earn a commission on any sales generated from the visit.

How do I join?

If you have purchased products online and cannot see the affiliate section in your account dashboard, please contact me to activate the feature.

What percentage commission will I make on sales?

– 20% commission will be credited to your account on any stencil sales generated from your link.
– If a buyer follows your link and doesn’t buy for a few days, you will still earn the commission if they do complete a purchase within 21 days of following your link.
– Payments will be paid in Australian dollars.
– Commissions not payable on wholesale orders.
– Please note, you do not earn commissions on your own purchases.

How do I get paid?

– Payments will be paid into your Paypal account at the beginning of each month, once you have reached $10.00 in commissions.
– If you do not reach $10.00 in one month, the credit remains in your account and will be paid once you reach the $10.00 minimum for payment.
– If the email you used to register is different to your PayPal email, go to the Affiliate Dashboard and add the PayPal email address in the sectionEdit Profile.

How will I know if I am earning commissions?

Login then go to the Dashboard to view commission earnings. 

How do I add links to my Facebook page or website?

Links can be manually created by using your own identity token.
Alternatively, navigate to the Affiliate Dashboard and select Creatives.
Copy and paste the URL into the top section and press the generate button. You will then have a link specific to the item or category you wish to promote.
It is now as easy as copying the link and posting it on your own page.
When anyone follows the link you will then earn a commission from any sales.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, or if you need help to sign up, contact me for further assistance. {Carolyn}