Custom Stencil Resizing

Most stencils can be custom sized to suit a project.
The maximum size I can cut is 60cm x 45cm.
Many stencils can be cut in sections if you require a size larger than I can cut in one piece.

Contact me with the details of the stencil and the size you require for more information and pricing.

Custom Words

Coming soon.
I will be adding a list of fonts available.
It will be as easy as selecting the font, telling me the size required and typing the word as you wish it to be spelt.
I will send a screenshot of the words before cutting and give you the price.
If you proceed with the order, payment is required before the order is cut.
There will be no refunds on custom stencils once you have accepted the design.

Custom Stencil Designs

I am no longer doing custom stencils.

I welcome suggestions and ideas for future designs.
Send me your ideas, remember though I will not copy another stencil design or create any stencils from trademarked items, such as Disney or Harry Potter.

Custom Cutting Your Stencil Designs

If you have designed a stencil and wish to have one or many cut, contact me for a quote.
The copyright of any stencil you design will belong to you and I will only cut the stencils when you place an order.