Stencilled Fabric

Stencilling on fabric is an easy way to add the finishing touch to a decorated room. Cushions, curtains, tablecloths and clothing can be embellished by using stencils.

A plain white tea towel stencilled will now look pretty in the kitchen.
French stencils by Gemini CreativeI know many people are using chalk based paints to paint on fabric and have fabulous looking results. I prefer to either use fabric paint or acrylic craft paint mixed with a suitable medium. Why? I don’t want to feel the paint on the stencilled fabric and prefer the softer feel. Most fabric paints and additives require heat setting and I find my stencilled projects looks better for longer when washed frequently.

There are many ways to stencil, some people prefer using a roller or sponge. When stencilling fabric I prefer to use a good quality stencil brush so I can ensure the paint is pushed into the fabric’s fibres. A sponge works well too but ensure you do not have the sponge saturated in paint, a little goes a long way.

One important point to keep in mind when stencilling fabric. Many new items and even fabric by the metre have finishes added to make them look better. If purchasing from a supplier of blank supplies, they are usually ready to paint but store bought items may require washing first to remove any additives.

A stencilled pillowcase. I used black acrylic craft paint and fabric medium.

bird pillowcase by Gemini Creative

The same bird stencil was used with multiple colours to decorate a cushion cover.bird cushion by Gemini Creative

The same three stencils used for the teatowel are used for this cushion cover.

3 French stencils
3 French stencils

Another stencilled cushion cover.

Papillon stencil
Papillon stencil